Scientist, professor of inorganic chemistry, researcher, photographer… William L. Jolly set himself the task of solving the mystery of Solarization made poplar by Man Ray.  Bill took this further and built on the 1991 work of Dominic Lam to show that a varierty of color could be produced on the black-and –white photographic papers by the darkroom application of processing solutions and called it “Chromoskedasic Solarization.” This offers fine art photographers the opportunity to introduce colored effects into black-and-white photographs without the use of dyes, toners, or any of the normal photographic processes. 


The colors are due to selective light scattering by the developed silver particles in the emulsion. Thus, chromoskedasic solarization shows the same shades of color that we often observe in the scattered light of the sky: reds, yellows, browns, magentas and blues.  Detailed information on this, his "Silver Mirror Printing (Daguerreotype Effect)" and basic dark room Sabatier Effect Solarization may be obtained from his articles in photography magazines and his online work Solarization Demystified. (a link to this book follows on the book page)


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